He then moved to Los Angeles for studying at UCLA to specialize in production, and at NYFA in Hollywood for improving his filmmaking skills. Carlo lived in Hollywood for two years and continued to make short films, experimenting with the use of 16 and 35mm and the budget-friendly digital EOS. In 2011, Carlo started a production team to develop music videos and commercials using Red cameras. In 2012, Carlo moved back to Italy with his production firm, I Cavalieri della Notte S.r.L. and the new creative factory LITTLEBIG ( He shot 'LA DIVA', selected and awarded at numerous festivals, the web series’s Pilot “Spazio Ultima Frontiera” and several music videos and commercials, while working as product manager/director at LogicalBox S.r.l.. From 2013, he has been collaborating with different companies as business development and marketing expert, helping with fundraising. While still working in commercials, television and corporate advertising with his creative factory Littlebig, Carlo is currently developing his first feature film ‘I Cavalieri della Notte’ a.k.a ‘The Night Stallions’ and his first TV series for the U.K. market, ‘The Recycling Man’.
Carlo was born Genoa, Italy. He became interested in movies and narrative entertainment from a very young age. His objective has always been to create worlds through the use of different media. He moved to Rome to study Marketing and Communication at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and graduated summa cum laude with a specialization in cultural industry, strategic marketing, and semiotics. His thesis was on the “Intermediality in David Cronenberg’s movies: the Videodrome and eXistenZ cases". While studying, he made several shorts amongst which are “Ta-Kuo or the Growth of the Great” which was picked up for distribution by the Canadian Ouat Media, and “The Actress”, which was reviewed at Genoa Cinema America among the best shorts produced by SDAC (Scuola D’arte Cinematografica) in 2008. In 2009, Carlo began to work as a screenwriter for the theatrical actor and Rome Trastevere’s Teatro Belli director Antonio Salines.
















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